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The Top Five Reasons to Hire an Editor

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  • Your book will be taken more seriously. You will have a greater chance of being accepted by publishers, literary agents and the book-buying public if your manuscript has been properly edited. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes and other errors don’t put your work in the best light. A polished document, however, will make your document shine!
  • You will increase sales. Your edited document will give you greater credibility. Potential clients will be more likely to choose your book, service or product if your manuscript, website content or advertising material has that professional edge to it.
  • English may not be your strongest language. If English is not your first language, hire an editor to ensure your great message doesn’t get lost in translation. Once you are seen as a strong communicator, your audience will be more confident in your ability to meet their needs and requirements.
  • You plan to self-publish. If you intend to self-publish your book or memoir, you won’t have a publishing house to provide you with an editor. Hire a professional to review your manuscript before you commit costly mistakes to the printed page.
  • Even big-name writers have editors. Established authors and fellow editors understand that even though they are terrific at what they do, they won’t catch every error. They send their material out to be reviewed by a fresh pair of eyes.

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